D3 Multisport Video Series

Over the past 6-months we have been working with D3 Multisport, a top triathlon and endurance sports training & coaching company in Boulder, CO.  The project consisted of beginner and advanced coaching videos taking on a variety of topics from what and how to eat during training to proper swimming techniques and much more.  We also created a few individual videos introducing the coaches, history in endurance sports and their expertise. The beginner videos are completed and we are currently working through the final edits of the advance series.  Check out their website to see how they are integrating the videos into the content on the page – D3 Multisport  Strength Training While Traveling Nutrition on Race Day Learn to Smile

Voices of Experience Keynote


We were involved in the post production of DU’s “Voices of Experience” keynote featuring Zayo’s CEO Dan Caruso.  The event was held at Daniels College of Business on February 24, 2014.  Dan’s speech discusses the rise, fall, & resurgence of the fiber industry. He shares battle stories and lessons learned from his career and the growth of Zayo Group.  We were able to turn this project around within a day of receiving the source video files.

Kilian Jornet UROC

Kilian Jornet was in Boulder, Colorado in the days leading up to the 2013 UROC in Vail.  He was promoting his book at the Boulder Running Company and doing a Q&A with Competitor Running.  Here are a few videos from the evening:

No Oxygen, Fixed Ropes or Sherpas on Everest

Beginnings in Running

Matterhorn Speed Record

Zayo Corporate Video Production

We work with businesses and corporations to produce a variety of video marketing projects.  This project combined an interview with Zayo’s CEO, Dan Caruso, and a screencast walk-through of their Tranzact / Quote’s online tools.

2013 USA Pro Challenge

Colorado continues to deliver an awesome and exciting stage race.  We worked this race with the Bicycling.com team and produced all video media for their website.  Producing the daily Race Radio segment is always an opportunity to add a little humor:

It’s not often that you interview Jens Voigt and get such a serious response:

This video with Christian Vande Velde on his retirement is probably my favorite of the week:

2013 Interbike

We returned to cover Interbike after a two year hiatus.  In years past we have covered CrossVegas, but that was not on our schedule this year, which allowed for fun spectating instead of scrambling around the course looking for the best camera angle.  In addition to the usual Bicycling.com tech and product videos, we produced a few interesting interviews Fausto Pinerello, Mike Sinyard and Greg LeMond:

The videos we produced during Interbike can be found here - http://www.bicycling.com/video#/search/interbike

2013 Tour de France

The 100th running of the Tour de France was our 8th consecutive time covering the event.  An improbable flight schedule started on June 24th in Kuaia, Hawaii -> Phoenix -> Philadelphia -> Brussels -> Marseille -> and finished in Corsica.  Some how, some way it all went off without a hitch.

Much of the video content the team produced can be found on the Bicycling.com video page.  One of the highlights was a day spent on Alpe d’Huez filming a feature about the infamous Dutch Corner.  Here is the finished piece:

2013 Burning CAN Beer Fest

We produced this promotional video for Ball Corporation highlighting the 2013 Burning CAN Beer Fest.  The festival took place Saturday June 1st as part of the Lyons Outdoor Games.  Ball Corp was interested in showcasing breweries that use their Ball aluminum cans to package their beer as well as highlighting the benefits of using recycleable aluminum cans.  Breweries from all over the country were on hand for the celebration including the Boston Beer Company who recently started canning Sam Adam’s and were showing off their “Sam Can”.

2013 Amgen Tour of California



The 8th edition of the Amgen Tour of California was our 7th consecutive year covering the race for a magazine’s online audience.  2007 – 2011 with VeloNews.com and 2012 – 2013 with Bicycling.com.  This year was pleasant as it started in southern California and made its way north finishing in Santa Rosa.  Coverage for Bicycling.com included producing video features, general pre and post race rider interviews, an ongoing young rider profile series and Race Radio, which sumarized each days stage and looked ahead to the next day.

Here are a few links to the video content we produced during the 2013 Amgen Tour of California:

Jens Voigt on Attacking With Confidence

Bike Racers Go Animal Style

The Man That Feeds the Peloton

Feeding Ben Jacques-Maynes

Ted King’s Time Trial

Race Radio: Stage 2, Tour of California

Belgium’s Rising Star, Jasper Stuyven

SRAM’s Hydraulic Road Brakes

2013 Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon


We were part of the Competitor Running team again for video coverage during the 2013 Boston Marathon.  Our content and daily show was professional, entertaining and fun to be a part of.  The event seemed to be two-fold; the actual race and the trajedy that unfolded hours after the elite runners had finished.  I feel lucky that no one on our team was injured since some of us were in the vacinity of the finish area when the bombs detonated.  It is a very sad situation especially for those that lost loved one’s or were injured that afternoon.  Click here for the official statement from Competitor Group.

Here is the final episode of RunCenter that was produced that day but released later.

Some additional content that we produced during the 117th running of the Boston Marathon:

RunCenter Day 3

RunCenter Day 2

RunCenter day 1

Boston 5K Highlight

Kara Goucher Pre Race

Shalane Flanagan Pre Race

Team NewtownSTRONG