2008 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships

Production has wrapped on the 2008 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships resulting in a 30-minute program that will air on Comcast CET.  Similar to last years show, the program features highlights of the Senior women’s and men’s races.  This year’s production expanded to 4 cameras on course and the final edit attempts to provide a lap by lap recount of the men’s race.

We produced an ad for Boulder Cycle Sport that will air each time the program is played either during the broadcast schedule or whenever it is accessed via Comcast’s Video On Demand catalog.  The concept for the ad was simple – match cycling imagery with the products and services offered by the bike shop.

Valmont Bike Park also contributed a 15-second commercial that airs twice during each program airing.  This is designed to bring additional exposure to the Valmont Bike Park project and raise some money for their cause.

Here are the March air dates for the 2008 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships:
March 1 – 12:30pm
March 2 – 5:30pm
March 5 – 6:00pm
March 8 – 7:00pm
March 9 – 8:30am
March 10 – 8:30am
March 12 – 7:00am
March 13 – 9:30pm
March 15 – 9:30am
March 18 – 6:00pm
March 19 – 7:00pm
March 24 – 8:30pm
March 26 – 6:00pm
March 28 – 12:00pm
March 29 – 9:00am