Leadville Trail 100

The 2010 Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race took place on August 14 under clear blue skies with over 1500 racers taking the start.? We were contracted to provide video support for Singletrack.com.? The idea going into the race was to provide “near real time” video throughout the race.? The Singletrack team provided race updates via via CoveritLive for web and mobile viewers.? you can view the replay here – http://singletrack.competitor.com/live

As for our workflow, video was gathered from the field at various spots along the course, brought back to the press room, quickly edited, compressed and uploaded to the site and then broadcast to the audience following the race via the text updates.? We were able to get out and back a few times and the overall experience was successful.? Since there was no live streaming option, this was as close to real time as we could deliver during the event.

Here is a link to a 9+ minute highlight from the race that was edited the day after the event: